Ladies... this one is for the guys, so feel free to share it.

I don't remember much about taking four years of Latin in school, but the first sentence I ever learned was "Vestis virum reddit," the clothes make the man. As Arizona Ministers we always ask about attire so we look our best at your wedding.

Clothes can be empowering or debilitating. The wrong shoe size, a tight collar or baggy trousers at a wedding only detract from the celebration. No man should be tugging at, letting out, or pulling up his clothes in front of his family, friends and fiancé. It's not a prom!

Think Steve Harvey... always sharply dressed, impeccably groomed and full of confidence. From presidents to late night television hosts, any man can rock a suit or tux as long as it fits correctly.

Here are just a few tips on how to feel like a million dollars on your wedding day...

1) Find out what sharp-dressed men are wearing. Find someone with your frame and posture that always dresses well. News anchors, television hosts and celebrities are worth checking out. Thumb through your fiancé's wedding magazines for some ideas as well.

You might even choose a groomsman that dresses to impress. He can give you some advice and keep an eye on your appearance throughout the wedding and reception.

2) Decide if you are going to buy your wedding clothes or rent them. Renting is a great choice if your bride is renting her wedding gown and you don't mind wearing something that will eventually look dated. If you rent, try on every piece from shoelaces to tie and jacket to make sure it fits comfortably before you leave the store.

Otherwise, consider meeting an experienced clothier to find an affordable, more timeless suit you can purchase and wear to impress into the future. You and your fiancé will be jazzed every time you wear it.

3) Be properly fitted with the correct collar, sleeves and inseams. Some stores perform minor modifications in house and others refer customers to neighborhood alteration shops. This is no time to accept something imperfect. If it fits right, it will feel great.

4) Do not wear your coat/jacket in the car. It will look like you slept in it. Dress at the wedding venue if at all possible.

5) Start grooming weeks before your wedding ceremony. Time your haircut so you don't appear freshly buzzed or have tan lines around your hairline. Consider a manicure. Regularly lotion your hands especially right before the ceremony. Get to the dentist so your teeth look their best.

6) Some lovely woman is going to hug you and get makeup on your jacket shoulder. Simply have one of your groomsmen rub his jacket sleeve on your shoulder and the makeup will vanish.

7) The best dressed groom will have a soft laundered linen handkerchief in his inside pocket. She just might shed a tear when she sees you looking so confident and dressed so well on your wedding day.

By Phillip Waring
Arizona Ministers