Arizona Ministers asks every couple if they would like to write their own vows or say some special words to each other during their ceremony. Some answer an enthusiastic "yes," some quickly say "no," and others are still thinking about it.

Those who want to write their own vows have likely already given it some thought. They have something on their hearts that they want to say to each other in front of family and friends. It could be detailed and lengthy or just something short and simple. Funny is okay, too!

Fear of speaking in front of the guests can make some people nervous. On the other hand, there is nothing more romantic than speaking intentions outloud. You will write these vows and become very familiar and comfortable with the words. If you just can't speak at your ceremony, no worries. Arizona Ministers will ask you the traditional wedding vows and you will still have these endearing words to share together on your honeymoon and every anniversary in the future!

When composing those meaningful words, it must be decided if they will be private until spoken at the ceremony or shared together beforehand. Some couples work on their vows together, even creating a little dialogue or banter. In addition, couples writing their own vows can still answer the officiant's traditional "I do" or "I will" wedding vow question.

Here's a simple outline that has helped hundreds of couples start writing their own wedding vows...

1) Describe yourself a little.

2) Explain where you have been on this journey of life.

3) Tell about this special person you have met, fallen in love with, and is marrying you today.

4) Now say what you intend to do for the rest of your life, "so long as we both shall live."

Really, any combination of words you write and say will be genuine, sincere, and appreciated by the other.

If you have time to Google 'wedding vows,' you will find millions of examples at your fingertips. Poetic, romantic, spiritual, there is nothing off limits to say.

When you come up with those right words, you can email them to Arizona Ministers. We will bring a copy for you to read when that time comes in the ceremony. Give it some thought and reach out with any questions!

We want to be your favorite!

Phil & Gwen Waring